By Jasco

Enbrighten Café Light Shades

Cafe Lights Shades

Discover the future of lighting with the Enbrighten Café Decorative Lens Shades by Jasco. Put a sophisticated spin on your traditional or vintage Enbrighten Café LED Lights. Distinctive oil-rubbed bronze or stainless steel finish incorporates seamlessly into your current outdoor or home decor. To attach the shade to your café lights, simply unscrew the lens, position the shade at the base of the light and screw the lens back into place. Comes with 6 shades. Experience endless possibilities with Enbrighten Café Lights Add-On Accessories by Jasco, guaranteed lighting for life. The product is backed by a limited-lifetime LED warranty.

Enbrighten Café Light Shades


6 count per pack

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Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Stainless Steel

Enbrighten LED
Cafe Lights

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Black Finish:

12' 18' 24' 36' 


White Finish:

12' 24' 48'

Vintage Series:

12' 24' 48'